Peacemaker Kurogane (anime series)
Peacemaker Kurogane, 2003-2004 TV anime series.

Original Air Dates:

Oct 8 2003 - Mar 24 2004


24 Episodes


24 Minutes



The Peacemaker Kurogane anime series is an adaptation of the five volume prologue manga to the main Peacemaker Kurogane manga series: Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker.

Description Edit

Production Edit

Episode List Edit

Episode # Episode Title
01 Cherry Blossoms
02 Will
03 Crimson
04 Shadow
05 Moon
06 Warrior
07 Suzu
08 Love
09 Dragon
10 Quiet
11 Plot
12 Big Brother
13 Gaze
14 Thoughts
15 Song
16 Deceit
17 Hollow
18 Rain
19 Sky
20 Blade
21 Battle Array
22 Fight
23 Truth
24 Iron

Reception Edit

References Edit

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